QA Supervisor

Closing date:

Main Purpose

Enforce and maintain the agreed quality of the company’s products and site through specific responsibilities and through the effective supervision of the QA team across the shift.

Responsibilities and key tasks

1. Portray a positive image of the company and its values in a professional manner at all times.
2. To effectively manage their team day to day, carry out on the job training and regular performance reviews.
3. To be a self motivated person to encourage their team to use their initiative and take responsibility in making decisions concerning the quality of product made daily.
4. To be able to work within a team, be flexible in both working environment and working to a shift pattern, be able to have a positive input to the team.
5. Ensure a high standard of hygiene is constantly met and kept to within the working environment, specifically take part in hygiene audits, take environmental swabs, taking water samples and to accompany pest control contractor visits.
6. Provide a service to the production team by ensuring that all products are made correctly to specification, labelled and packaged correctly. The QA Technicians should carry out Independent QA checks during the production and these checks marked on production QA paperwork in red along with any resulting corrective actions.
7. To be fully trained in testing procedures and calibration procedures.
8. To be competent in using a computer for logging data or retrieving information.
9. Ensure that samples are sent for micro testing or chemical testing in the agreed way, providing the contractor with all the necessary information.
10. To be able to check paperwork proactively for accuracy and rectify mistakes arising.
11. To ensure that all product samples are dispatched to the relevant workplace enabling accurate product comparisons.
12. To ensure that good inter departmental working relationship within the team as well as other departments, attending all relevant meetings or deputising for the technical manager.
13. Circulate a shift report detailing issues raised and actions taken during the shift.
14. Provide a timely investigative resource to the department to investigate potentially defective product and to provide recommended course of action.
15. Ensure that duties or duties delegated to their team as detailed in the department planner are carried out timely, examples would be regular calibration of equipment, internal auditing, temperature checks, maintaining standard reference samples and maintaining agree stock levels of equipment spares- utilising foods connected as a platform as appropriate.
16. Any other duties which might reasonably be requested in association with this role in order to meet the needs of the business.
17. Adhere to all company rules and procedures, paying particular attention to health and safety. Encouraging team members to report safety hazards through Papaya.

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