English Provender Company, Newbury
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To ensure all stock movements within the Company are executed economically and efficiently with an emphasis on professionalism.

Warehouse Supervisor


  1. Portray a positive image of the company and its values in a professional manner at all times.
  2. Be fully competent to set up and efficiently operate all material handling equipment, with due regard to Health & Safety.
  3. Ensure raw material and packaging is returned from the production areas with the correct labels and quantities.
  4. Liaise with production staff to maintain accurate supply and removal of finished goods/packaging and raw materials.
  5. To ensure you have the right equipment for the job and it is 100% available.
  6. You must ensure all machinery, mechanical handling equipment and safety devices are used in accordance with company procedure and Health & Safety training.
  7. Ensure all safety checks on fork lift trucks and batteries are carried out, with any defects reported to the warehouse supervisor.
  8. Endeavour to store product in the warehouse free from damage.
  9. To liaise with Quality control regarding any non-conformity relating to incoming goods, the supply of materials to the factory and of finished product
  10. To ensure all stock carries a product label to facilitate & aid the tracking of the associated stock movements and batch traceability.
  11. To ensure all stock is checked & booked in stock accurately in accordance with GRN procedures.
  12. To take receipt of bulk tanker deliveries and ensure the procedures are adhered to.
  13. To ensure all materials are issued to the factory in a timely manner, and at the right quantity and to the correct specification.
  14. Sales orders and Prep references are picked in a timely manner for service to prep or loading onto a distribution vehicle.
  15. Ensure all stock movements are moved on the Unity system.
  16. To ensure product replacement in the warehouse area is set to a plan i.e. allocated picking bays / racks and is clearly marked with the correct labels prior to loading.
  17. To consolidate racking space to make better and more efficient use of available storage space and ensure accurate stock locations.
  18. Ensure the yard area is kept tidy and organised.
  19. To report any accident or near miss to your supervisor with the correct documentation filled out.
  20. To wear the correct protective clothing for the job that is being carried out and to ensure it is properly cared for.
  21. Maintain excellent standards of vehicle loading and pallet security for all outward bound loads.
  22. Endeavour to store product in the warehouse free from damage, maintaining a good standard of housekeeping throughout.
  23. Report any damages to Warehouse and Yard areas including racking, machinery and fabric of the building.
  24. Ensure all fork lift truck pre-operational safety checks are carried out on a daily basis.
  25. Ensure batteries are charged at the end of each shift.
  26. Advise customer services and planning of any finished product shortages.
  27. Notify your direct line manager of any stock errors.
  28. Ensure that all product is correctly stacked on good quality pallets
  29. Any other duties which might reasonably be requested in association with this role in order to meet the needs of the business.
  30. Adhere to all company rules and procedures, paying particular attention to health and safety.

RG19 6HA

CV to Sian Atkins, Sian.Atkings@englishprovendercompany.com

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