Exciting times in The Billington Group as we welcome another team onto our Leadership and Engagement Advancement Programme (LEAP). Our Emerging Leaders Programme provides a 12 month developmental pathway for those wanting to become the very best version of themselves both in their existing roles and as they develop their careers with The Billington Group.

It’s an absolute pleasure to introduce you to (from left to right): Rick Tindall, TSC Foods/Vicki McQueen, Billington Foodservice/Sabina Jones, Billington Foodservice/Mike Berridge-Burley, TSC Foods/Kira Murtimer, EPC/Laura Middleton, EPC and Vicki Thornton, TSC Foods/We are missing one of the team, Coco Flood from Criddle. We’ll get you on the shot next time Coco!

Thanks to Mark Traynor, Head of People, Paula Sabri, Group Senior People Advisor and Nikki Heyworth from Courageous Success for making this week’s induction event such a great success!