Championing Group-wide Health and Safety

Health and Safety is important no matter what your industry, but it is especially vital in food and drink where we look at it from a hygiene perspective and from a production safety point of view; it’s crucial we’re on top of every detail. 

Here at Billington Group, we work really hard to demonstrate to our own people and to our customers just how important we think it is to stay on top of and if possible, ahead of regulation!

So, on our quest to ensure we keep championing best practice for our sector, we’ve recently completed some Incident Response Training – which was delivered by Pannone Corporate, to representatives from all of our businesses. 

This session focused on lots of important information and helped our teams get to grips with: 


  • The impact and consequences of a health and safety incident
  • Key offences including those under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and both corporate and gross negligence manslaughter 
  • Corporate and individual liability
  • The regulators and their powers
  • Responding responsibly to an investigation
  • Accident investigation and legal privilege
  • Dealing with notices
  • Potential outcomes including an overview of sentencing; and associated processes, e.g. Coroner’s Inquests

It sounds pretty heavy, and some of it is, but as industry leaders, it is so important for us to invest in our business and our teams by offering access to training like this. With greater understanding of risk, what to look for and common mistakes, we can make sure everyone understands how to play a role in keeping everyone safe and the business on track. 

We’re very lucky that here we have a team of excellent people at all levels who share a passion for being the best. This particular session was attended by people from a range of roles, spanning all of our operations to ensure its benefits could reach as many people within the businesses as possible. Some feedback from the day: 

Dave Jones – Safety, Health and Environmental Manager said: “A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Great thought provoking discussions and plenty to take away from the session.”

Phil O’Neill – Group Health and Safety Manager added: “Thank you to Rhian, from Pannone Corporate, for a very informative and engaging day. The feedback has been very positive from everyone who attended.”

Zara Southam – Office Manager at Billington Barn and Kitchen, commented: “Thank you to The Billington Group and Pannone Corporate for a great training day. The training content was engaging and relevant to all our businesses; food and agriculture. The day was interactive and thought provoking.”