Our People: Katie Hansen, Process Development Manager at Billington Foodservice.

Billington Group would not be where it is without its amazing teams. In this ‘Our People’ section, we’ll be sharing a bit more about the diverse roles across our businesses and providing some insight into what makes Billington people tick!


Katie Hansen

Job title: 

Process Development Manager at Billington Foodservice

How long have you been with Billington Group? 

I’ve worked at Billington Foodservice under The Billington Group for 15 years. I started working here straight from graduation and it was called Bar Foods back then!

Describe a typical day in your role: 

A typical day for me would be reviewing the new briefs that are sent through to us, coordinating them through the New Product Development system and reviewing the Quality Attribution Sheets – looking at shelf life information and organoleptic factors (basically sensory things like smell and appearance.)

I also support other departments with New Product Development and Environmental Product Declaration related queries, as well as those in my own department.

What’s the best part of your job? 

Every day is different. With the amount of innovative products we push through the factory, there is always a new process or new piece of equipment to learn about.

What makes the food/agriculture sector exciting to work in? 

The fact that it’s so fast paced, our customers’ needs are getting more and more complex, meaning we as a business are having to adapt constantly, which keeps things fresh and interesting.

What do you think the next big thing for food/agriculture will be? 

I think the inclusion of Cannabis within food will be the next big thing. 

Can you describe Billington Group in three words?

Fast, exciting, challenge

Now a bit more about you….

Coffee or tea?

Both. I actually wake up and make myself one of each before I can even contemplate starting the day ahead!

Best sandwich filling? 

Salmon and beetroot, with salad cream.

Favourite meal? 

Can’t beat a Sunday Roast, with mountains of Yorkshire puddings and plenty of stuffing.

Favourite weird food combinations? 

Chilli and rice, but made into a sandwich using white bread and lots of butter.