Our People – Support during the COVID-19 crisis

We mentioned right back at the start of lockdown that we would be working as hard as we could to help and support our people during this uncertain time. As well as continuing to run our Employee Benefit Platform, we also set up our Employee Hardship Fund. 

The last three months have been challenging for many and we wanted to feedback in order to stay accountable and assure everyone that the offer of support is there and is already helping several employees across the group. 

One of our EPC employees, based in Chester, has shared their experience of utilising the scheme: 

How did you hear about the scheme?

I heard a few people talking about it and thought I’d find out more so I got the contact details from my supervisor and emailed to get an application form.

What made you think the Hardship Scheme could help you?

My wife was out of work because of Covid-19, so we discussed this and thought we might be able to get some help to make things that bit easier.

How did you find the process?

It was unbelievably quick, which was fantastic and made a massive difference to our peace of mind. 

How did you find having to talk about your financial issues?

This wasn’t difficult, as I could tell on the phone that you actually cared about what you were doing and you were really trying to help; that made it a lot easier.

How have the funds helped you?

We’ve had to be very careful and have only used little bits at a time on emergencies. It’s not for buying things you don’t need, but it has been invaluable to have that option during the last few weeks.

Has anyone you know used the scheme?

Yes, I know a few people who were struggling and they also got help and were made up. The people I spoke with had the same good experience as me.

Do you have any feedback for how we could improve the scheme?

No, there is no downside to this scheme.

We’re delighted that there are people across the Group feeling reassured by this scheme and the support it provides. Let’s keep talking and if you’re considering asking for help, we’re here to listen.