Britain’s favourite winter warmers…

As the seasons change, so do the menus in our favourite pubs and restaurants; so what are the classic winter warmers we expect to see across the country this autumn and winter? From seasonal veg to meats and more, here’s everything we think you’ll be ordering this winter. 

Back to basics

The change in seasons, coupled with the cost of living crisis means we will all be looking for ways to make money go further and eating out is likely to be more of an event for this reason. Something about the change in weather means we see the return of a lot of staple dishes such as soups, roasts and classic puds, many of which also tick the box of being the more affordable pub fayre if you are treating yourself to a meal out, so it’s a win win if you’re already a fan of a carvery or standard winter warmers! 

Soup season

Soup is now not just a pub or home lunch, the food-to-go market is increasing the amount of hot-to-go options all the time, with outlets like Pret, Costa and Starbucks offering warming options. Soup is a great choice for these markets, it’s the original winter classic and it’s easier to drink a soup than it is to eat a tub of something on the go, so it secures a place here. Pret has introduced new soups for the colder months, as we mentioned in our recent post on seasonal food-to-go

If you’re more into sitting in and taking in your surroundings, not to worry, soups will undoubtedly be back on starter and lunch menus across the country. They’re a great option for small dishes and quick bites and are likely to appeal to those wanting a cost-effective lunch out. If you’re home of course, then our Glorious! range is the perfect winter warmer! 

Sunday best 

The roast is a British institution and one we’re unlikely to give up even in harder times. Carvery options make for great cost-effective meals out and are available in pubs up and down the country and will likely act as a treat for when we’re looking to eat out. 

A pre-pandemic survey slated roast beef as the nation’s favourite meat with 33% of YouGov respondents choosing it as their ideal centrepiece, with chicken coming in a close second.

Your roast is, of course, a culmination of a lot of essential elements, many of which we know a thing or two about! Our Billington Foods arm is a leading manufacturer of a huge range of  tasty sauces, creating everything you can imagine from burger sauces to salad dressing, but importantly this includes the roast’s crowning glory – a proper, rich gravy. We’re going to be taking a closer look at how ‘the sauce makes it’ in a tasty blog in the run up to Christmas – stay tuned. 

Sweet escape

Of course, winter warmers also means some classic puds and custard are back on the menu. This means sponge puddings, crumble and sticky toffee are back – all of which feature on the list of the nation’s favourite desserts



Insights from Lumina Intelligence show that ​​21% of pub occasions are to spend time with friends showing the importance of marketing occasions as an affordable treat. 18-24 years old consumers are the most likely group to be on this mission, while 35-44 are the least likely. This tells us that although people are tightening their belts, there are opportunities to continue with the ‘food as an event’ theme generated post pandemic. 

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