Billington Begins

Edward Billington’s journey began in 1858 when he turned his hand to importing tea, coffee and sugar in to the UK. From that small business venture, grew a legitimate trading company, which enabled Billington to take permanent headquarters in the famous Cunard Building. After this step was taken the company firm, finally became “Edward Billington and Son Limited” in 1898.

Billington The Growing Up

In the early 1900’s, following the success of the herbal trade, Billington delved into the manufacturing of cattle food and Criddle was born and is still growing strong in the agriculture market to this day. The Billingtons’ continued to grow the business and became renowned in the overseas trade business. This led to them taking over the old central tin packing factory in Liverpool and transforming it in to a manufacturer of animal feed, as well as branching in to the meat and travel markets and the manufacturing and distribution of sweets, savouries and sauces. The business was evolving in to the Billington business we know and love today.

1977, saw the first import of Mauritian unrefined brown sugar named Billington’s Sugar which is still on our supermarket shelves today. Acquisitions and investment in to other like-minded businesses followed, growing the Billington food and agriculture portfolio. The group grew to include: English Provender, Classic Couverture Chocolate, Wholesome Sweeteners, Suffolk Foods and Alembic Products Limited and TSC Foods.

Billington Today

The Billington Group has continued to expand through the years. In 2013 Billington Food Ingredients was established to source and supply frozen, chilled and organic fruits and vegetables for the food service and B2B market. Billingtons ambitious acquisitions have most recently included Bar Foods who joined the group 2012 with their delicious sauces, soups, dressings and recipe dishes, and most recently Dunkleys came in to the family fold with their handmade pies, puddings and desserts. Each of the businesses has their own unique style and way of working, but are united by the Billington family ethos and their passionate approach to the food and agriculture industries.