People first – Celebrating our people this Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship Week is a great reminder to all industries about the need to engage with young people, offer opportunities tailored to them and help shed light on careers, sectors and roles they may otherwise not be aware of. We think it’s about opening doors and being proud of the work you do, getting people excited about their futures. We certainly believe the foodservice and agriculture industries are rich with roles that can lead to engaging, exciting and long careers!  

You’re invited to read on and find out more about how we work with apprentices and young people seeking our careers with us. 

At Billington Group, we offer apprenticeship programmes in diverse areas of our business, each one tailored to specific business needs to provide real experience and deliver genuine and exciting prospects for promotion in the future.

What kinds of apprenticeships do we offer at Billington group? 

We currently have apprentices working across the following roles:

  • Engineering
  • Food operations
  • Team leadership
  • Technical
  • Supply chain
  • Finance 
  • Information technology

What can apprentices expect when they take up a role with us? 

As well as broad selection of opportunities to suit skills and interests, each Billington apprentice can expect a range of benefits, including: a competitive salary, access to our employee benefits such as discounts, pension, management level support for the duration of the programme and completion of functional skills in maths and English. 

How can I apply for an apprenticeship with Billington Group?

Anyone interested in an apprenticeship with us can email:

What other opportunities do we offer?

Because learning never really stops and because there are always many routes to a career, we also support graduates through our Future Leaders Programme. This provides graduates with the chance to work in three different food division businesses over a two-year scheme. Our Future Leaders will work with operations, technical, supply chain and commercial teams. Supported by a personal mentor, with development days focused on key skills, this is a really exciting opportunity to get a feel for our business and the industry as a whole. We’ll be sharing more about this programme and some insights from our Future Leaders themselves in the coming weeks!