Our People: Michael Lambert, Blends Plant Supervisor

Name: Michael Lambert 

Job Title: Blends Plant Supervisor at Carrs Billington Agriculture.

How long have you been with the Billington Group: 18 Years. 

Describe a typical day in your role:
Typically, I arrive at 6am and leave when all my daily tasks are complete. My day usually consists of ordering raw materials, staff supervision, production, admin and liaising with outside contractors.

What’s the best part of your job?:
This is a relatively new role for me which allows more autonomy.

What makes the food sector exciting to work in?:
Meeting the ever-changing needs of farming. The four seasons all bring different challenges to Carrs Billington.

What do you think the next big thing for food/agriculture will be?:
I think technology will be the future of modern farming.

Can you describe Billington Group in three words?:
Innovative, Creative and Nurturing. 

Now a bit more about you….

Coffee or tea?

Best sandwich filling?
Tuna Mayo. 

Favourite meal?
Spanish Tapas.

Favourite weird food combination?
Gherkins with a pot of salad cream to dip them into.